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Hide and Seek #3~ February
Created by: Crimson Jack [Send PM]
# Attending: 6 Rating: 2 
Going on Now!
This party, hosted by: Cody.. - Privateer (Level:38)
will be held 02/18/2013 03:00 PM PST,
To attend, go to Monquista in Gandry realm (Area 1)
where the party will be held
February Hide and Seek #3

For the month of February, we are having some contests including hide and seek to celebrate!

CodyLevel 38 Privateer
*Picture coming soon*

World: Monquista
Realm: Gandry
Prize: Tribal Crew Pack
Will be posted every few minutes after hide and seek starts.

When you find Cody, tell him in menu chat, "Awesome" (Menu Chat>Happy>Awesome). He will then whisper you something to post in the "Talk About It" at the top right hand corner. If you are the first one to do so, you will win the prize!

Good luck to you all!
Members Attending:
jemwando3456 mabp12 Cunning Cody maxegg Lord Darkwing aligohar115
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