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"A Faraway Play" Script

"Pirates: Rulers Of The Sky"

"The Pirate Chronicles Book 1: The Lost Pirate"



*The Highwayman*


A Bottle of Aether

A Bottle of Yum-Book 1:Breakout and Cap'n Gunn's Treasure

A new destiny begans.....

A pirate I shall be Chapter 1

A Pirate Story

A pirate's diary

A Pirate's Handbook to Being the Best

A Pirate's Life

A Pirate's Life For Me- Book Four- A New Adventure

A Pirate's Life For Me- Book three-The Return Of Evil

A Pirate's Life For Me- Book Two- Evil In The Air

A Pirate's Life For Me- It Begins

A Pirate's Life For Me-Book Five- Stupidity & Stress

A Pirate's Tale

A Smuggler's Tale: A Short Story Contribution to a Truly Collaborative Roleplay

A Young Pirate's Legend of Woe

Adventures of Pirate101: The Golden Chalice

An Amazing Aventure



Book 3: He's Back!


Captain John Blade

Carlos in Wonderland

Chosen One

Commander of Aquila

Curse of Mrs. Gunn


D.S. Devereaux's Poetry Anthology

Dark Apocalypse

Dark Side


Destination: El Dorado

Destiny in Aquila: The Star-Arrow Swashbuckler (hiatus)

Devraux Diaries: Beginnings

Diary of a normal pirate

Diary of a Wimpy Pirate

Diary Of A Wimpy Pirate: Rodrick Flabby Bear Sucks

Dove adventures


From a wizard to a pirate



Heroes of the Spiral


History of Pirate101-Book 1-The Formation of the Great Powers

History of the Spiral: Volume 1: The Penguin Revolution

History of the Spiral: Volume 2: The New World

How Windlanes and Windstones Came to Be


Ian's Book


leading the spooky assasin

Legend of a Musketeer: The Beginning

legend of flying pirates

Legend of Skyfire

Life and death of a pirate: Dead-Eye Alonzo

Life and Times of Me

Life of Lucas

Life with no parents

Like Clockwork

Lucky pirate


Marco Pollo's Map

Marleybonian Pirate

Mighty Man Draco

My Life In Pirate101

My Life On Pirate101

My Pirate Life

My Pirate101 Journey Begins


New by D.S. Devereaux - On the Streets of Dogs



Once: The Revival

One Generation Has Died


Peace Quest

Pirate days

Pirate Handbook

Pirate101 Book 2: The Second Piece

Pirate101: The story of Tyler Walker


Pirates Of The Spiral - The Black Pearl - updated

Promise of Gold, The (finished)


R. I. P. Junk Muffin

Random stories by.nour

Rise of the Star-Arrow Swashbuckler


Secrets of the Spiral

Shadow Mage

Stormgates And Pirates: Book 1: Set Sail for Skull Island!!!

Swashbuckler Duo


The Adventures of Tyler Walker Book 4: Marleybone

the amazing adventure

The Armada Union The Storm Surges The First Fire in A New War

The beginning.

The Clever Crow's Flight

The Corsair Games

The Crew Of the Black Witch, Yellow Bucneer, Green Privteer, Red Musketeer, and the Blue Fencer(need charters)

The Dark Allies

The Dark Prognosticus

The Fall of the Armada

the first buccaneer

The First Swashbuckler

The Frost Twins: The Rejoining of Broken Bonds

The Golden Guard

The Home of the New-Book 1-Tyranny within the Mask

The Journey

The Legend of the Fantastic Five

the legend of the golden ship

The legend of, uhh, cookies! :D

The legends of Scarlett Lafitte and Destiny Lafitte

The Misadventures of Tyler Walker 5, The 8th

The Monquistan Life

The Peacemaker Witch

the pirates

the pirates and wizards

The Pirates of Destiny

The prophecy of the twins

The Quest for The Golden Cutlass

The Rare Lotus

The Rescue

The Secret of the Armada

The Spiral Adventures-Bootstrap Mark

The Story of a Lifetime

The story of Green handed Marco

The Story of Red Handed Jill

The Tripling Treasure

Through the Stormgate

true pirate


War of the Spiral

When Two Worlds Collide...

Witchdoctor"s Log

Wizards back to pirates


1 Pirate Unlimited Armada

Dark Side:
What if everyone around us had a doppelgänger? A dark side? An opposite half? Legend has it that doppelgängers actually do exist. However, they live in a dimension that's the exact opposite of the world that we live in. The only thing that separates us is a very thin veil called the Door To Dimensions. It must always stay closed, for if your doppelgänger ever reaches your dimension, they will fight you to the death and replace you with a dark evil shadow of what you used to be. One day, the Door To Dimensions will open. Whether Alex likes it or not, she will be forced to face her dark side. Rating: 71 
A Pirate Story:
David Morgan was a normal guy, with normal friends, or at least as normal as friends can get. one day, his "normal" friend Alex (aka: Richard) got into a fight with Avery and got David freaking most wanted. of course, living in skull island isn't very good for your health when your wanted so him and his friends fled. sadly they didn't quite make it and were taken prisoners by the ARMADA. when all hope was seemed to be lost... BAM a masked man came and saved them all! now he's offering them a job that they cant avoid that will change their lives forever... Rating: 44 
The Dark Prognosticus:
Count Bleck lost his dear Timpani and never found her again so he is about to take over the world by following every step the dark prognosticus says, AND using the chaos heart to vanquish the whole world into the void....... P.S. I know this is the plot of super paper mario but i just love it so much and its fun to add on to it! :D Rating: 32 
Through the Stormgate:
Tristan, just a normal pirate, had his life turned around when he got captured and brought to Skull Island. Even though he does have the time of his life, he runs into some crazy trouble on the way. Join Tristan on this epic adventure through the stormgate Rating: 31 
A Pirate's Life For Me- It Begins:
After Marissa Everhart is rescued from the armada she met her goal of becoming a master pirate and even met another pirate named Ambitious Alexandra who was a hardcore outlaw in Cool Ranch. After Marissa showed her the error of her ways they became master pirates! :) Until... they receive news of pirates being taken by the armada. They set out on a quest to locate and free the pirates. Hopefully they won't catch themselves in an armada prison. But that's the least of their worries... Note: The cover image is actually a screenshot I took from the test realm when I had to get the windstone. Marleybone is BEAST! xD Rating: 27 
The First Swashbuckler:
When average Marcus bumps into a man with a peg leg and meets some crazy Pirates. Or when Marcus finds the golden swords of the swashbuckler. And finds a crazy monkey that shoots guns?!?! Read on to find out the crazy story of Marcus and the crew. NEW CHAPTERS COMING THIS SUMMER! Rating: 25 
Diary of a Wimpy Pirate:
Ok, this be not a diary, it's a journal. Yea, it says diary on the cover. My mum doesn't understand what kids like me are like these days. I never knew I would be famous starting from here, because back then, I walked the plank many times a day Rating: 23 
Pirate days:
Me and my awesome friends lived a perfect life together, in the pirate world, fighting crime, duelling, and most of all earning gold, but when Avery gave us that one quest, everything changed. Hearts would be broken, relationships shattered, no one would trust anyone again. I hope you enjoy :p Rating: 23 
true pirate:
the day was here for mr.gandry. it was his day to shine.he was going for the badge TRUE PIRATE.boom! boom!!!!!!!!! pow! CRASH! THE ARMADA! RUN! The ShiP iS SiNKinG MR. GANDRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rating: 22 
Pirates Of The Spiral - The Black Pearl - updated:
The Notorious Captain Wild Walker Comes to the spiral for the very first time, With A lot! of trouble following. This story also contains some Famous Pirates Such as Marcus:The First Swashbuckler and many more Rating: 22 

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